Fic Rec - Adventures of a Lonely Fangirl

You see, while I had my week and a half long absence from Tumblr, I read a LOT of fan fiction. I wen through much more than I should have and probably spent just as more time not doing my homework: but I digress.

Anywho, in that time spent off, I read this most amazing JohnLock fan fic.

Sins of Our Fathers by Vera_DragonMuse

The story is a teenlock fic that follows them through the years into their mid-thirties.

But don’t let “teenlock” throw you off. It isn’t just hormonal teenagers just trying to get into each other’s pants: quite the opposite.

It’s about friendship, sacrifice, and above all else, love.

The characterization’s spectacular, the story is tragically beautiful, and the writing style is uniquely brilliant.

Read and weep.

You won’t regret a single moment. :)

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