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This is the most perfect thing ever to be watched.

It took all I could not to scream and cry from it’s perfection.

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SHERLOCK: All Episodes

Quick covers I did… For every episode… 

Nearly 500 notes, oh, you are too generous people

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John is a walking dead man brought palpably back to life by Sherlock’s vigor, while Sherlock is an unstoppable force desperately in need of an immoveable object to ground him.


Yeah but read the rest… 

The instant bond is made all the more convincing by Cumberbatch and Freeman’s effortless chemistry, which shines as much in small interactions as in lengthy exchanges of dialogue. The warmth of their connection offsets the episode’s chilling central concept of a serial killer who forces his victims to commit suicide, and leads up beautifully to the closing hero shot of “Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson”.

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gif set based of this post.

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David + light vs dark

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Photos by Kilian Schönberger

this is some straight up fairy tale shit right here.

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