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So, how you’ve been?
Yea, good. Yea. Much better.

Forces you to ask what much worse looked like, doesn’t it.

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Emma Watson | Noah London premiere (March 31, 2014)


Emma Watson | Noah London premiere (March 31, 2014)

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Sissy is looking so much better! Her bubble butt is getting bubblier, though not there just yet.

She may be a show pony yet again. ;)

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I knew Dr. Chilton was a goner the moment the credits said, “Guest Starring: Raul Esparza.” They only do that when someone is about to leave the show, usually in the form of a character death.

And yet that knowledge didn’t make the pain hurt any less. :’(

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RTD subverted the idea of the Doctor as God, not supported it.

The imagery of the Doctor as an all powerful deity is constantly juxtaposed with him being unable to prevent death despite his most desperate efforts. Astrid’s resurrection is impossible and the notion of choosing who should die deemed monstrous, and the Master rejects the Doctor’s salvation to spite him. When he does eventually snap and and become the Time Lord Victorious, he is undermined by the actions of the very woman he saved.

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companions about the doctor

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Sherlock + Explosions: aka Mark likes to blow things up

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